About Archna, Ph.D.

Archna Sahni

Archna is a coach and educator who is committed to helping individuals reinvent themselves. She feels a special calling to empower women by helping them overcome limitations standing in their way.

Archna was born in India, raised in the cities of Delhi, Chandigarh, and Kuala Lumpur, and calls both Canada and India home. On account of having restarted her career several times due to multiple shifts between Canada and India, she is able to understand the challenges involved in reinventing oneself through the process of career change, relocation, and cultural adaptation. She has evolved an innovative approach to deliver cultural competence training through the transformative power of poetry and the arts.

Archna is also a literary artist and a longtime meditator. As a book coach, she helps authors to get their book written. She is the author of poetry collections First Fire and Another Nirvana, and has performed her work across Canada, USA, and India. Sahni stands out amongst coaches and trainers by bringing to her coaching a passionate vision of planetary transformation guided by her genuine spiritual experiences and inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions.