Coaching With Archna, Ph.D.

I’m a life-coach. I help people reach their short-term and long-term goals by developing an action plan with them to reach these goals, and I identify what’s been stopping them from accomplishing them.

Life-coaching is different from therapy or counselling in that I work with the client to come up with a solution. Counselling and therapy are focused on resolving issues that lie in the past, whereas life-coaching looks to the future.

While it is important for a life-coach to listen intently and provide advice to a client, merely doing this will not bring about an inner change in the client. I believe it is only when the client comes up with a solution on their own is there a shift in their consciousness. How does this shift take place? When I gently nudge the client with the right questions. By carrying out deep conversations. By bringing to deep conversations my experiences as an educator, poet, traveler, and meditator. This includes my experiences of teaching in culturally diverse settings in India and Canada, my practice of meditation, my understanding of the nuances of language through my engagement with literary-cultural studies for over two decades, and my practice as a poet and literary artist. Most of all, it is my experience of reinventing myself multiple times that enables me to understand and guide my client.

I bring to my practice of life-coaching the values of respect, empathy, optimism, self-belief, and a sense of the sacred. This sense of the sacred is not rooted in any particular religion or faith system, it is inspired by a sense of awe for the wonder that is creation and universal values that bind our common humanity and other sentient beings in the universe.

Areas I work in:

Reinvention of Self: I help persons struggling to change roles in a job, change jobs, change professions, move from being a homemaker to a career-woman, adapt to a new culture or country (such as immigrants), and the like. I work with them to reinvent themselves in accordance with they are seeking through that journey of change and transformation.

Women’s Empowerment: I empower women to go after their dreams by enabling them to overcome limitations standing in their way.

Men’s Empowerment: I help men committed to becoming more progressive, modern, integrative human beings. I do this by coaching them to discard old, worn-out patriarchal systems of thinking and feeling and sensitizing them to the feminine within and without.

Cultural Competence: I help persons adapt to new environments, cultures and countries.

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