Poems published in Tuck Magazine (UK), Feb. 2018

Losing Poems


I lose poems every day.

They fall out from me like

an incomplete exhalation.

I can recall their faint beginnings –

rumblings of music

from the seed of mind

that spill into choked

throats, bees caught in flowers,

and the soundless climb

of snails up a papaya tree.

Lost poems: aspiring dwarfs

that never make it to the stage,

the children hoped-for

that rest in the warmth

of the womb only for a day,

before being summoned

to a heaven, where the souls

of childless women wait

to sing to them lullabies.

Third Eye


Deeper than

the opening of the third eye

is to see

your heart’s desire


I did not don

ochre (was born a Hindu)

or white

robes (thought of becoming a Christian nun)

when it happened to me –

but finally fell in love

with the grime and gold

of the world.

Matter jumped

at me

like spirit’s twin.

The petals

of the sahasrara*

faded away

like the memory

of a Valentine gone wrong.

It’s the real rose

not given to me

that I cannot forget.


*The thousand-petalled crown chakra (energy center) according to the philosophy of yoga, considered to be the most subtle of the chakras in the system of sevenfold chakras.