First Fire

(Currently Unavailable)

By Archna Sahni

Paperback : 93 pages

Publisher : Yeti Books; First edition (Calicut)

Year Published : 2005

ISBN-10 : 8188330183

ISBN-13 : 978-8188330188

The tone of Archna Sahni’s poems ranges from the meditative and lyrical to the humorous and satirical. She explores the predicament of feminine identity by subverting myths and legends and creating new ones. Hers is a world where Meerabai becomes Krishna, plants rewrite history, McLeodganj forges a passage to free Tibet, and illumination is arrived at after journeying through hellish fires.

“Sahni’s voice is compelling, and it is individual.”
- Vilas Sarang, author of A Fair Tree of the Void and A Kind of Silence.
“Archna Sahni has a strong individual voice with its distinct modes, cadences and undertones.”
-K. Satchidanandan, Nobel Prize for Literature nominee 2011.
“Layered in mythology and lyricism, Sahni’s poems are rich and relevant. Readers versed in Indian gods & legends will process some of the poems more easily, but even without such a background, most of the poems are accessible enough and worthwhile for Sahni’s careful images and powerful strokes. From one poem to the next, there’s such power in her words as to force readers into stopping and re-reading, to relive a moment, and in some cases whole poems just beg to be re-read.”
-Jennifer Lauren Collins, Author of Oil Slick Dreams